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Comparison: 82.6
Unit: percent
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Self-Reported General Health Assessment: Good or Better

Value: 85.1 percent
Location: County : Dallas
Located in:
Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA): Dallas-Plano-Irving
Substate Region: Region 3a
TEA Region: Region 10
State: Texas
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Comparison: TX State Value
Categories: Health / Wellness & Lifestyle
What is this Indicator?
This indicator shows the percentage of adults who answered good, very good, or excellent to: "How is your general health?"
Why this is important: 
People's subjective assessment of their health status is important because when people feel healthy they are more likely to feel happy and to participate in their community socially and economically. Areas with unhealthy populations lose productivity due to lost work time. Healthy residents are essential for creating a vibrant and successful community.
Technical Note:  The regional value is compared to the Texas state value.
Source: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
URL of Source:
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Maintained By: Healthy Communities Institute

Time Series Data

2007: 84.8 2008: 81.8 2009: 88.2 2010: 85.1


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