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Deaths due to Motor Vehicle Collisions

This indicator shows the number of deaths attributable to motor vehicle traffic collisions.

Deaths due to Motor Vehicle Collisions

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Measurement Period: 2012

County: Dallas

Located in:
  • Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA): Dallas-Plano-Irving
  • Substate Region: Region 3a
  • TEA Region: Region 10
  • State: Texas

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Categories: Public Safety / Transportation Safety, Health / Mortality Data, Health / Prevention & Safety
Technical Note: The trend is a comparison between the most recent and previous measurement periods. Confidence intervals were not taken into account in determining the direction of the trend.
Maintained By: Healthy Communities Institute
Last Updated: October 2014

Why is this important?

Motor vehicle-related injuries kill more children and young adults than any other single cause in the United States. More than 41,000 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes each year, and crash injuries result in about 500,000 hospitalizations and four million emergency department visits annually.

Deaths due to Motor Vehicle Collisions : Time Series

2007: 224 2008: 246 2009: 162 2010: 178 2011: 168 2012: 204


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